Successful Placement from PiR’s Interim Practice: Interim Head of Supply Chain

Job Title: Interim Head of Supply Chain

Client Profile:

Pharmaceutical company based in London with a portfolio of medicines that cover contraception, fertility, menopause, and osteoporosis. High growth ambitions creating a can-do culture requiring strong team work.

Role Requirements:

  • Responsible for development and oversight of a complex network of Contract Manufacturing Organisations, Logistics, pre-wholesalers and service providers
  • Oversee the weekly/monthly forecasting and order planning process to ensure accurate inventory quantities to avoid stock out and excess inventory
  • Coach in-market GMs and commercial ops managers on best practice SC input (forecasting, demand planning, launch planning)
  • Negotiate and execute vendor agreements with contract manufacturers and service providers
  • Lead and manage the company’s Supply Chain network through execution all procurement processes including administration of overall spend, identifying cost savings/ efficiencies, and developing and maintaining strategic vendor partnerships
  • Build and coach team members

Role Scope:

A significant all-encompassing role in a pacey, commercial environment; the newly appointed Head of Supply Chain will manage a Portfolio of 26 product families, 17 contract suppliers, 17 API suppliers, 500+ SKU’s and manage the Supply Chain to 50+ countries.


An ‘in-demand’ role for many pharmaceutical companies. From a choice of two candidates, one went through a detailed interview process, meeting the senior stakeholders across the business; leaving his previous project on the Friday to take up this role on the Monday.

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