bioProcessUK Conference 2016

ATMP’s coming of age! At the bioProcessUK conference the focus was heavily around advanced therapies and their manufacture. Companies such as Autolus, NightstaRx, Reneuron and Pfizer all discussed the various strategies and challenges they face. Whether that is to build manufacturing capabilities themselves, or try and find a third party CMO with the required capabilities. Each approach has its own unique challenges and strengths. The key challenge each strategy had, is how to scale up for phase III manufacture for clinical trials. This is a step forward as at previous conferences this had not yet needed to be addressed. It is positive that phase III trials are  now becoming a challenge to solve!

The stand out thing for me this year was the community that has developed in the ATMP space over the last few years. The Cell Therapy Catapult and the advanced therapies taskforce has helped to create a community that is all pulling together to help to solve these problems. It was evident from all those presenting that there is a passion and commitment to get these ground-breaking medicines to the patients and make a difference. At PiR we hope to be able to help these companies continue to grow and develop as ATMP’s begin to attain their true potential.

Mark Johnson Tuesday 29 November 2016

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