World’s first 3D printed drug approved

The FDA has approved the world’s first 3D printed drug – Aprecia’s Spritam for the treatment of epilepsy.

3D printing allows Sprtiam (levetiracetam) to be made more precisely and therefore pack a higher dosage into a smaller tablet – up to 1,000mg – which dissolves quickly and is easy to administer. As each drug will be completely uniform, it also means doses are more consistent.

“By combining 3D printing technology with a highly-prescribed epilepsy treatment, Spritam is designed to fill a need for patients who struggle with their current medication experience,” said Don Wetherhold, chief executive officer of Aprecia.

“This is the first in a line of central nervous system products Aprecia plans to introduce as part of our commitment to transform the way patients experience taking medication.”

Although the FDA has previously approved 3D-printed medical devices, this is the first time a 3D-printed product has been approved for use inside the human body.

Spritam is expected to be available in the first quarter of 2016.


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