Teenage Cancer Action Week: Third of young people with cancer diagnosed in A&E

We need you to take action this Teenage Cancer Action Week. The signs of cancer aren’t being recognised by parents, doctors or  young people themselves. Our latest survey shows that close to a third (29%) of young cancer patients are being diagnosed when their health gets so bad they have to go to accident and emergency.

Jo Redman, mother of Ella who died of osteosarcoma (bone cancer) aged 19, said “It never occurred to us that our beautiful daughter Ella could have cancer. We thought her shoulder pain was nothing so didn’t push her to see a doctor… I wish I’d been aware of the signs when Ella first said she was in pain.”

Knowing the signs to look out for could save a life which is why we’re calling on teachers to download our education pack and talk to students about the signs of cancer. We want to empower young people to know their bodies and be persistent with doctors if they think something’s wrong. Make sure you take time to learn them this Teenage Cancer Action Week.


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