SME’s Are They Tackling Sustainability Within The UK Life Science Industry

SME’s Sustainability Actions within the UK Life Science Industry

Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability, Environmental Management, Going Green; the list could go on, but what I understand these terms to all indicate is quite simply; preservation.

Preserving our global environment, our global economy and of course our global society. After all, organisations from all industries and sizes may believe they only operate at a local or national level, but the smallest of business activities impacts the global environment.

Considering for one moment the UK life science industry, predominantly as we know it is operated by SME’s – so my initial question is whether there is a consistent awareness and level of CSR activity across the industry? I strongly believe there isn’t consistency in concern, however the dominating larger organisations deem to uphold and progress their contribution to this critical subject.

An immediate thought is that whether or not UK Life Science SME’s commercialise their CSR activities, their main purpose of developing and progressing drug or device development is a certain social and economic input, but what about the way in which this is achieved.

Monitoring …..

Are SME’s monitoring and controlling their energy, water and waste during manufacturing and general operations? How is the organisation relating this importance to their employees?

What about the social impact of stakeholders; their employee’s welfare and the community in which the organisation operates?

If such immediate examples are not being considered, then I believe crucial cost saving opportunities is being missed alongside the potential to elevate the brands reputation, and fundamentally to contribute towards achieving a sustainable future.

Christina Sear 

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