Patient Empowerment!

Putting patients first was highly evident amongst the Genesis 2015 conference . Harriet Fear and her team had pulled together an excellent programme showcasing the innovative capabilities of the life science sector companies at the heart of which was the patient; often inferred but not always in evidence.

Of particular note was the detail about the newly launched Dementia Discovery Fund DDF; which from inception at JP Morgan in Jan 15 to launch in October 2015 has achieved the unimaginable; persuading six pharma competitors and the DoH to collaborate within a $200m evergreen fund framework that aims to bring 2-3 early stage disease modifying drugs to the clinic focused on targets and mechanisms not yet explored.

What with that significant achievement and the Minister for Life Science, George Freeman’s restated aim to get his fellow ministers to recognise that time is money for early stage companies, delegates were feeling upbeat and confident that the sector they are so passionate about really is coming of age!


Carolyn Douthwaite

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