Novo and NHS Unite for Diabetes

Novo Nordisk teams up with the NHS to create a new integrated care service for diabetics.

The Danish pharma company is set to work with a group of NHS hospitals and a university, collectively known as King’s Health Partners (KHP), to develop and provide new models of integrated diabetes care.

Novo and KHP – which includes various NHS hospitals in South London and King’s College London – are entering the second stage of their collaboration, having originally joined forces in 2012 to collect data on the diabetics served by the various hospitals.

The next stage of their partnership will see Novo and King’s Health Partners using their data to develop a new care programme to address the changing role of diabetes, implementing an approach to treatment that integrates specialist services with primary and community care.

The programme, known as i3-diabetes, will run for five years and is being seen as the first of its kind in the UK, ideally inspiring similar programmes in other areas of the country in the future.

Peter Meeus, Novo’s managing director for the UK, said the collaborative programme was a good example of industry working with the health service to boost innovation and patient care during the current financial challenges.

“Cost containment in the NHS shouldn’t be at the expense of patient care,” he stressed. “There are different new ways we can look it.”

Resources and expertise will be provided by both Novo and KHP and a two-stage approach is envisaged as they work together to enhance diabetes care for the community.

A starting point will be improving care coordination, bringing together patients and professionals to improve patient experience. Secondly, focus will be on personalising care, tailoring treatment to the individual and considering social, psychological, physiological, and medical needs of each patient.

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