Medilink Member NutraHealth plc – Natural Wellbeing Ltd Awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise

Natural Wellbeing Ltd (UK), a leading provider of natural solutions for modern living, along with its parent NutraHealth Plc, has been awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise.  It has been given the award for its outstanding achievement in the International Trade category, delivering substantial commercial growth around the world.

The Queen’s Award for Enterprise is the highest business accolade a UK company can receive and is recognised globally.

Natural Wellbeing Ltd (UK) is passionate about healthcare and has an award winning range of innovative, high quality, solution-based brands and products.  These include the VitPlus+, Vertese, Monkey and Vitagenics brands, which offer solutions to help consumers optimise and enjoy the health they deserve.  The diverse product portfolio has been specifically designed to support the differing needs of males and females, and the young and old, both in the UK and overseas.

The Natural Wellbeing team have a wealth of experience in Quality Assurance, Product Development, and International regulatory and product registration, which has helped secure its position and that of NutraHealth Plc, as a leading exporter of consumer-focused, high quality, efficacious health supplements.

James McEuen, Chief Executive, NutraHealth Plc, comments, ‘It is an honour and delight for NutraHealth and its team at Natural Wellbeing to win the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for outstanding achievement in International Trade for 2015.  It recognises the successful delivery of the first stage of a carefully considered plan, which has showcased and extended our UK vitamin and supplement manufacturing and branded businesses to customers and consumers globally.

“Our health education and self-care strategy leverages Britain’s fantastic reputation for brands and manufacturing, and is helping hundreds of thousands of children, women and men across the globe optimise their health and wellbeing.  We provide a wide range of highly effective products from the invaluable basic and simple vitamins and supplements, through to more complex specialist products, to appropriately address an individual’s nutritional needs.  In the process we have built a thriving Midlands-based healthcare business, employing over 400 people, proudly making and exporting the best of British.”

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