Medicom signs significant development deal for advanced electronic drug delivery system

Medicom Innovation Partner has extended its partnership with a leading pharmaceutical company for the development of an electronic drug delivery system for use with next-generation drugs.

The device for automatic delivery of intravenous drugs includes the capability to reconstitute lyophilized drugs and provides wireless connectivity which assists the patient in tracking their medication regime, marking a further extension of Medicom’s innovation in drug delivery.

The development agreement covers both the development of the drug delivery device and the development of the connected health system which will be used to provide connected patient and clinician services.    Incorporation of technology accelerator components enables Medicom to bring new devices rapidly to market, with features tailored to the specific needs of its pharmaceutical partners.

Medicom’s patient-centric approach to device development results in devices that both meet the therapeutic requirements for disease management while providing patients a minimally intrusive device.

Extending this partnership collaboration is a further example of Medicom’s strength in developing complex electronic-based drug-delivery and connected health systems which provide added benefit to users when compared with simple mechanical devices.

“We have formed a strategic partnership with a pioneering pharmaceutical company to bring this advanced and competitive device and service solution to the market” states CEO Morten Nielsen.

“Working with our partner, our front-end innovation team has identified market-driving feature enhancements where device and services will work together in order to improve the patient’s treatment.  Our experienced engineering teams are now bringing this concept into reality,” Morten Nielsen continues.


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