Kymab receive Bill Gates Backing

Bill Gates to donate £12 million pounds to fund Kymab antibody research

Kymab researchers who engineered a mouse which had a full set of genes for human antibodies have received £24 million funding boost. Half of which came from Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates’s charitable fund.

Kymab are a biopharmaceutical company that have been founded on the research of the Wellcome Trust. On top of the £12 million funding received from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation a further £12 million has been received from the Wellcome Trust.

Kymab announced their mouse breakthrough in March and subsequently named the technology they had invented as Kymouse. As they are naturally produced by the body, antibodies can be used to create drugs for treating a variety of human diseases such as cancer.

Mice with portions of the human antibody repertoire had previously developed, however the technology used did not move large amounts of DNA from the human genome into the mouse. The scientists at Kymab have found a much more successful way of doing this process, so that the human repertoire can be inserted into the correct place in the mouse genome.

As a result it means that the mice can be used to create and develop a huge range of human antibodies, which in turn can be used to create new and potent drugs. The money received, will enable Kymab to push further ahead with its research; in treatments for malaria and HIV.

Chief executive of Kymab Dr Christian Grondahl, is said to be delighted to have attracted investment from two of the world’s largest foundations. This investment shows a very strong endorsement of the work that Kymab have been doing in trying to create therapeutics in areas of significant unmet medical need.

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