GSK Share price keeps tumbling

The GSK share price has continued to fall even with the Ebola vaccine success

GSK have had great success with their experimental Ebola vaccine, it was given to monkeys and they were resistant from the virus within five weeks, trials have shown.
The journal Nature published the results of the drug trial, they stated that all the monkeys not given the vaccine died within 6 days of infection however the four monkeys that were given the vaccine survived and were symptom free. This shows the true potential of the vaccine providing full protection against the disease.
Currently the epidemic has been making its way across West Africa and according to the World Health Organisation, it has killed over 2,000 people. There are a number of companies that trying to develop treatments or preventative measures to keep the disease under control.
GSK’s vaccine was developed using a single protein from the Ebola virus, the protein is meant to set off an immune response. The protein is also considered to be safe as its believed that it doesn’t contain any infectious viral material. So it can’t cause a person who is vaccinated to become infected with the disease.
GSK‘s vaccine is furthest along in trials compared to the three or four other vaccines which are under development. The next stage would involve testing the vaccine on humans to determine how safe it is and whether the same results are achieved from the monkey trial.

Share Price falling

Even with the positive news of GSK’s vaccine, their share price has fallen and was at 1,431 pence being its lowest point. It also means that the share price was down 1.14 yesterday.
Overall the development of the new vaccine has had a positive impact on GSK’s share price. The new vaccine was revealed that it would be having its first clinical trials on the 11th of August, an from the chart you can see a serious spike in share price for the days that followed.
However with continuing stories of bribery still loitering round the company you can see why the share price for GSK was so low in June and July. So there is still a lot of uncertainty that surrounds the company so I think the share price will continue to yo yo until GSK sort out all their dramas.

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