e-Therapeutics’ drug discovery activities rated world class

e-Therapeutics (LON:ETX) has been boosted after its drug discovery activities were rated as world class by a national assessment.

The firm’s impact was given the rating by the UK’s National Research and Impact Assessment exercise.

It also helps Newcastle University’s Computing Science department to reach the top position in the UK for the impact of its research.

Malcolm Young, chief executive of e-Therapeutics, and a Newcastle visiting professor, said: “We are proud of our association with Newcastle University. We are delighted that the quality of its computing science, and through e-Therapeutics, its beneficial impact for society, has been recognised by achieving the top spot in the REF.”

The research excellence framework is the five-yearly assessment of the quality of research and impact in all departments of all UK universities.

It highlighted the wide-ranging benefits that UK research brings to the economy and society.

Yesterday, e-Therapeutics revealed it had established the safe maximum dose for its potential cancer treatment ETS2101.

This is a significant milestone in that it allows researchers to take the drug into the next stage of development


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