Dallas Buyers Club Experimental Drugs Bill Passed

Colorado passes new experimental drugs bill

Colorado has become the first state to allow terminally ill people to any kind of experimental drug without approval from the FDA. This has happened to the new “Right To Try” bill passed today. The Governor of Colorado John Hickenlooper, made the state the first to pass the bill into law, however similar bills are poised to be passed in other states across the US.

The controversial legislation has been dubbed the “Dallas Buyers Club” bill after the Oscar winning film about an Aids patient played by Matthew Mcconaughey, who smuggles medicine in from Mexico.

The “Right To Try” bill allows patients to get round the FDA’s red tape and cut out processes set up by federal government, which is normally very slow. This will in turn enable drugs companies on occasion to surpass clinical trials. The bill was passed unanimously, with several relatives of sick people who tried to get federal permission for experimental drugs giving emotional testimonials.

Supporters have accepted that there are numerous risks involved however the chance to prolong life being worth it. An amendment to the law prevents healthcare providers and insurers from being held liable to any adverse affects.

Joann Ginal a Colorado rep who co-sponsored the bill said “For people who are facing death and have one last hope, they should have a choice to try every possible drug,” Ginal a big supporter of the bill after witnessing her brother who was ill with a rare cancer of the blood, get better after being treated with experimental drugs

Obviously there are many different critics to the bill, with many of them calling it a fantasy that everyone will get better from experimental drugs. Surgical oncologist Dr David Gorski stated that in reality some patients may get better but the majority will get hurt by taking these drugs.

But with all odds stacked against your corner surely any hope that can be given to you is a welcomed one?

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