AstraZeneca Launch Social Media Driven Photo Sharing Campaign

AstraZeneca has launched a photo-sharing campaign on Twitter, Instagram and other social media sites to raise awareness of metastatic breast cancer (MBC).

This new campaign encourages women with MBC to take photos of themselves that highlight their journey with the disease and then post them onto to social networking sites such as Twitter and Instagram along with the hash tag of #MBCStrength

The campaign was launched in September and pictures which had been uploaded on to these social networks by the first of October were then displayed in New York’s Times Square on October 13th, which was Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day. Obviously all the images used had the user’s permission.

Gregory Keenan, vice president of medical affairs and US head medical officer at AstraZeneca, said:

Patients are at the heart of everything we do at AstraZeneca, and this campaign reinforces our commitment to the strong, inspiring women who live with metastatic breast cancer every day.

Our goal is to further connect these women during their journeys and provide access to tailored educational tools.

Metastatic breast cancer, is an advanced form of breast cancer which has spread to other parts of the body. Women who are living MBC often face challenges distinct from those who are suffering with early stage cancer. For many, the desire to share their stories and connect with other members of the metastatic breast cancer community is an essential part of the journey. The #MBCStrength photo-sharing campaign is an opportunity for women to find strength and solidarity in the experiences of others living with the disease.

Educational resources are also important for many women facing a metastatic breast cancer diagnosis. To address this need, AstraZeneca is continuing to expand, a site that features patient stories and provides tools and information tailored to women with metastatic breast cancer and their loved ones. Since the launch of during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October 2013, Linda Carey, Jewel Crawford Ajibade and Priscilla Dzurich Ribera have enriched the site through their personal accounts and perspectives as women living with metastatic breast cancer.

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