Apple Follows Others With Healthcare Technology

Apple Expands into Health with New Software

After our article about Microsoft’s Xbox being used in healthcare it now seems Apple have followed suit. Apple announced on June 2nd that it is to expand into home and health management, with the company trying to turn iPhones, iPads and Mac computers into an interchangeable network of devices that becomes a hub of people’s ever increasingly digital lives

The new technology for controlling household appliances and keeping track of our health, are part of an updated operating system that was unveiled at Apple’s 25th annual conference for application developers.

The new software for Apple devices won’t be released to the general public until later on on this, where the company is expected to unveil the next generation of iPhones and iPads.

The two new tools HealthKit and HomeKit works with a new built in app. The HealthKit will store a variety of information about people’s medical histories, vital signs, fitness levels and diet. Similar third party apps would also be able to access this information but only with the user’s permission. Although HomeKit and HealthKit have been tailored for iPhone and iPad, it may eventually work on Macs as well.

With the age that we live in currently becoming more and more surrounded by digital devices and aids it was inevitable that the healthcare industry would be flooded with a range of futuristic technologies.

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