Candidate Advice

The choice of candidates available to companies, both for permanent and interim roles, is much greater than it used to be. This reflects the amount of restructuring and de-layering that has taken place across the life science sector in recent years, resulting in many more candidates seeking a new role.

Increasingly, organisations are keen to focus on culture fit, as much as technical and expert ability, leadership and project management skills.

With this in mind, you should take time to fully understand and reflect on your strengths and the value that you bring to an organisation. Currently employers can often achieve close to 100% fit against a role. Steep learning curves are less attractive to companies whilst well-matched skills and knowledge will help you stand out.

Some key points to consider when you start your job search:

  • A well written and presented CV, highlighting your achievements, accompanied by a targeted and relevant email or letter of introduction
  • A project plan which lists all your potential channels to market could include former colleagues becoming alumni of a former employer (the larger companies start here when looking to engage consultants and interims)
  • Recruiters who understand the market
  • Social media, such as LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Relevant websites
  • Investors and private equity firms
  • Companies who technically or therapeutically are synergistic to your experience “In our experience, warm referrals are always the easiest way to start and often result in the greatest success”
  • Expand your network; attend relevant networking meetings organised through trade associations; offer your services as a speaker to raise your profile and brand and gain free entrance to conferences, seminars and workshops
  • Prepare for the interview process; an obvious comment but one we feel the need  to reiterate! Remember that LinkedIn can be invaluable in reminding you of the background of the interviewer and who they may know in your existing network

In summary, be realistic about your skills and their relevance to positions you apply for, remain flexible, do your research, identify your value-add, and revisit your project plan on a regular basis to ensure all your channels are working on your behalf.

In the early days of a job search, it might seem that you are doing all the chasing. If you follow a well thought through plan, with clear channels that can help you open doors and applying some of the advice mentioned above, success will follow.

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